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“Advanced states of consciousness have all the classic hallmarks:


  • Pristine awareness of Ultimate Reality


  • Compassion for all beings


  • Tireless dedication to alleviating suffering


  • Precision and elegance in every word and movement


  • Freedom of being


  • Spontaneity, radiant joy, humor


  • Oneness with all of existence


  • A depth of surrender to reality this is unimaginable to the average person.”

“The Map of Consciousness Explained”

- Dr. David Hawkins

In a special application of Graced Treatments, we can test to discover where you are as a base level on the Hawkins Chart of Consciousness (1-10000) and identify how much progress up the chart we can implement by applying a Graced Treatment.  There are blocks keeping you from bathing in the higher frequency and we can remove that in a single treatment. There is a video to explain in more detail on the 'Video Enlightenment' page. 

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