Being a Graced Practitioner means you will be easily trained to heal yourself, your family, and friends. some might even want to offer their services professionally. However you choose to commit, there is an easy online training program that has you able to work in one day. My utmost goal is to get to the point where every family has this program on their computer and can work to raise the consciousness of the planet one family at a time. 

The prerequisite to becoming a practitioner is that you are able to muscle test. There are online videos to teach you before you start your Graced training. Muscle testing, or kinesiology, is an ancient method of receiving binary answers from your higher self. Your higher self knows everything, recognizes every face in a crowd, everything you ever said and did; in other words, has access to the akashic records of your life.  

Binary means the questions must have a yes/no, left/right, up/down, one/other answer. For more complex questions, you can divide and further divide with subsequent questions, like "is the date in the first half or second half of that month", then "is it in the first week or second week of the month:, etc. so it is a very useful tool. 


if you choose to become a member, just send an email requesting membership (see below).  You will receive a written agreement outlining the terms of membership.  That you will need to read, sign, and return.  Upon payment confirmation, you will be sent a link inviting you to set up your account. 

You will then have access to training videos, quarterly webinars to ask questions, see demonstrations, give feedback and basically keep in touch with other like-minded practitioners. The goal is to create a community of like-minded, forward-thinking, healing people from all walks of life around the world.  Contact me to find out more.                  


This work connects us and raises 

the consciousness of all humanity.

Be a part. 

Join the graced practitioners.

  • Receive teaching lessons on "How to Muscle Test" and "How to Improve Your Muscle Testing Skills"

  • Receive an award-winning meditation video creating peace and a calm state.


  • Receive notifications about new chapters on "Ancient Healing in the 21st Century" video documentaries I am creating in tandem with a book I am writing.


  • Receive updates, specials, and event notices

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