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Booking details to be revealed soon!

After over twenty years of researching and applying ancient healing methods to over a thousand people with massive success in improving the health and well-being of people and animals, I am proud to announce my next step in bringing consciousness development to awareness; my GRACED workshops.

Collating the massive amount of information and creating a curriculum to bring this knowledge into bite-size, cumulative learning stages, was a wonderful challenge and activated muscle memory from my experience designing curriculum-approved courses for universities. The designing has been a labor of love and it is my hope that all who partake learn a little more about what they are and who they can be.

The course has the following aims:

1. Understand the Owners' Manual for being a spirit given a human body. 

2. Apply multiple methods for opening the frequencies in the body, time tested from ancient cultures.

3. Learn the science that backs up the woo-woo knowledge about spirituality.

4. Learn muscle testing (applied kinesiology) so that you can receive messages and guidance from your higher self. 

5. Learn the process of healing through GRACED.

It is my joy and admiration to introduce you to two of the most beautifully connected people I have met on this journey. In their own unique ways, they have given me so much insight as they combine a grace in nature that is both incredibly elegant and at the same time, down to Earth.

Tiffany Persons will be presenting this course in January 2024, in Los Angeles. Caitlin Leigh will be presenting this course in March 2024, in Sedona, Arizona.  I have known them both since the inception of GRACED and have survived my rigorous training in all the complex phases of this workshop. It will be a boot camp of learning in an atmosphere of love and generosity of spirit. I can't wait to get this started.

Kindest regards,

Diane Pfister





Tiffany Persons

has owned and

operated Tiffany Company

Casting, one of the leading commercial casting companies in Los Angeles for more than 15 years, working with some of the biggest brands in the world. Tiffany is the proud founder of the highly respected nonprofit Shine On Sierra Leone and her life’s mission is to empower others and make a tangible difference in the communities around her. Through Tiffany’s facilitation, Shine On has built numerous sustainable buildings, aided 12,000 children and adults in becoming computer literate, cleaned over 100 million gallons of water for more than 30,000 people through a partnership with Waves for Water, distributed 9,000 micro-finance loans, and partnered with Ashley’s Clinic to provide free and accessible healthcare to all Shine On students, teachers, and workers.

Tiffany has been a sought-after public speaker for many years at a variety of conferences, festivals, and academic institutions such as the University of Pennsylvania, Chicago Ideas Week, and Huffington Post. She has been honored as a “United Nations Woman of The World” and has received a social justice award from the University of Pennsylvania Center for African Studies in 2015. Tiffany has also been featured in various domestic and international publications including: Vanity Fair, Elle, Emirates Woman, People, Whalebone, LA Confidential and ADWEEK. In 2017, CNN featured an episode on her extraordinary work and story on 'Inside Africa’.




Caitlin Leigh

is a

Graced Practitioner,

Life Coach, and

Author. For over a decade, Caitlin has dedicated her life to the experiential study of psychology, healing, spirituality, and consciousness. She has a Master’s in Transpersonal Psychology with an emphasis in Life Coaching and Ecopsychology, along with six published books of poetry pertaining to healing and consciousness. She loves the writings of Dr. David Hawkins and is inspired by the infinite potential of this universe.

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