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Marcel Vogel Cut Quartz Crystal Training Course


CRYSTAL HEALING WITH MARCEL VOGEL CUT CRYSTALS Quartz crystals are living beings that can accept an unlimited number of programs for healing, intention, and affirmations. Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist who invented the quartz watch, along with about 300 other patents, studied the structure and application of the Vogel cut Crystal (a patented geometrically controlled design) to amplify the intrinsic energy of the crystal. In this course, you will learn the basics of choosing, caring for, programming and bonding with your crystal. The course includes: 1. Preparation and Care of your crystal 2. Lesson demonstrations on self-healing, remote healing, ridding of evil, energizing yourself, and a three step process of learning how to heal others. 3. Included is an over 50,000 word extensive book that has collated over forty hours of Marcel Vogel's last few lectures into an easy-to-follow index of information. Suggested link to buy a crystal: NOTE: This membership is for one. Please limit access to self. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1.a Why Use A Crystal? 1.b Forces That Affect A Crystal 1.c How To Clear Your Crystal 1.d How To Breathe For Crystal Use 1.e How To Make A Crystal Yours 1.f M. Vogel Explains His Struggles 1.g Crystalline Structure 1.h Liquid Crystals I .Ii A Crystal Has A Mind 2.a Vogel Crystal Geometry 2.b How To Use The Vogel Crystal 2.c How to Feel The Charge In Your Crystal 2.d How to Heal With A Crystal 2.e How To Program Nutrition 2.f How to Measure An Energy Field With Dowsing Rods 2.g Programs For Patients 2.h How To Remote Heal 2.i How To Perceive Other Frequencies 2.k Positive and Negative Ions 3. a Review Of How To Heal Others 3. b How To Use Micro-Crystals 3. c Clearing An Organ 3. d Healing Emotions 3. e Healing Trauma 3. f Healing The Planet of Trauma 3. g How To Structure Water THIS EXTENDS TO SEVEN SECTIONS -MAXIMUM SPACE AVAILABLE

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