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GRACED Intensive Muscle Testing Learning Course


Muscle testing (also called Applied Kinesiology) is a way of getting answers from your higher self. For the beginner, questions are designed with an 'either/or' option - called 'binary system'. In the later advanced sessions, you will learn incredibly creative ways to access more complex communications. Through steps of focus, you will learn the depth and breadth of getting these messages, these 'morse code answers' from your higher self. You will learn the steps to developing muscle testing skills, as well as gain the knowledge of how to apply this skill to many varied applications. This will completely change the quality of your life. Understand the power of electromagnetic frequencies, both harmful and healing, and how to create the health you need. ***Included a free one-month membership to; a healing modality geared toward creating the future you want. All are accessible once you apply your muscle testing skills. Along with this course is a monthly webinar where you can ask questions and meet other like-minded thinkers.  Topics Covered: How to apply muscle testing to: Healing Raising your level of consciousness Spelling out answers Finding your way on a map Finding lost items Understanding binary message systems of our body: Electricity Light Sound Emotions Understanding frequencies: Harmful Healing Syncing Sharing Environmental Frequencies: Plants Fabrics Color Tapping Opening the channels to higher consciousness: Understanding the mer-kaba of the Soma chakras Creating open pathways via the Alta Major chakra Opening the pathways to past lives Opening the pathways to future designs of your life Opening the astral realms NOTE: This membership lasts one year from payment. The process is intense and personal. Please limit access to your membership to yourself for karmic and ethical reasons.

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