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Electroculture Gardening


Electro culture gardening is an ancient process of growing large healthy crops with nearly no pesticides or fertilizer. Once the initial investment into poles and wires is put in place, decades of growing food is possible with just water, sun, and seeds. Own a PDF of the original pamphlet from Dr. Justin Christofleau. The concept originated in 1749 and was used in Russia, Australia, and France. Once the underground wires and poles are laid, the crops require little manual labor. Crops can grow 75% bigger and healthier. The principle is that by controlling the land magnetism, telluric currents, and the electricity of the floating air, carried by clouds, sun, wind, rain, and even frost, these forces are captured and transformed into energetic power that feeds that energy into the plants. Please spread the word to change our food source forever. For contemporary advice and workshops:

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