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GRACED (21st Century Adaptations of Ancient Healing Methods)


​ ​ ​ We are made of liquid crystal with the ability to transmit, amplify, and store information. Our experiences — or rather our reaction to our experiences — transform into a programmed storage system via the fascia, an auditory and sensory communications network that links all parts of us to each other and beyond. Some believe that the brain and eyes are filled with liquid crystal providing the programming element of who we are. The secrets of water, crystals, and silica as communication systems are only now being taken seriously again. Again, I mean that now we have the capability to undeniably prove that ancient civilizations not only understood the power of these elements but also used them to communicate.   This book is an exploration of the ancient healing practices just now being rediscovered and applied through technology, enabling us all to surpass the status quo of pharmacological philosophy. The multi-dimensional cross-over of these ancient theories, protocols, and execution of treatments begs the question: how did isolated tribal communities around the world come to develop virtually the same healing methodologies despite vast distances from one another? Perhaps more importantly, why were these modalities discredited in the first place — how did we become separated from our understanding of the body’s connection with nature, instead of coming to believe that man-made chemicals have more power to heal than what the earth produced for us organically?   My journey began during my own search for a healing modality able to define the characteristics of a body living within the highest and greatest version of itself. I grew weary of psychoanalysis that focused only on the problem and instead hungered to discover the ideal representation of body, mind, and spirit. What would the whole human look like, feel like, be like? The outcome of that search led me to Graced (, a non-invasive, drug-independent healing modality.

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