Raise your consciousness with Focused life-Force Energy

What is Focused

Life-Force Energy?


FLFE is a subscription service that activates a high-consciousness field around a property or object such as a cell phone.


The technology uses quantum association to activate a high-consciousness field in conjunction with positive declarative statements that have been calibrated to raise consciousness.

Electro Magnetic Field Mitigation

All FLFE subscriptions include our EMF Mitigation Program, which reduces the consciousness-lowering effects of EMFs. It works by raising the level of consciousness of a device emitting consciousness-lowering EMFs. This results in the EMFs emitted going from being consciousness-lowering to neutral or consciousness-increasing in an environment. The program also uses the energetic signature of the mineral shungite to harmonize, neutralize, deflect, and dissipate consciousness-lowering EMFs.

The EMF Mitigation program reduces 99% or more of all consciousness-lowering EMFs in an environment.

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No Credit Card Required

Tests to determine 5 G Mitigation used the GDV machine, a sensitive instrument for measuring the energy of an environment. Looking first at the measurement of Entropy (i.e., the variability and/or chaos of the energy), the addition of the 5G router greatly increased the Entropy or the chaotic energy in the environment. In both the Baseline (without 5G router) and when the 5G router was active, the Entropy in the testing space was reduced substantially when FLFE/EMF Mitigation was administered to the environment. The Total Intensity data showed a reduction in the total energy when FLFE/EMF Mitigation was added to the active 5G router. This supports the reduction in Entropy, the reduction of energy swings to a more coherent, less chaotic smaller range of energy variability. The data shows a significant improvement in the quality of the energy in the testing space. To learn more about 5G Mitigation, click: