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Learn to heal yourself and others by joining one of our

weekend workshops where intensive training to

understanding the energy fields of your body leads

to a comprehension of how we create blocks that keep

us from living the life we desire. Through this understanding,

you can heal via your own GRACED treatments.

The training includes learning:

The course has the following aims:

1. Understand the Owners' Manual for being a spirit given

a human body. 

2. Apply multiple methods for opening the frequencies in the

body, time tested from ancient cultures.

3. Learn the science that backs up the woo-woo knowledge

about spirituality.

4. Learn muscle testing (applied kinesiology) so that you

can receive messages and guidance from your higher self. 

5. Learn the process of healing through GRACED with a free

membership Trial period.

Lunch with coffee/tea breaks will be provided.


Register for the email notifications by sending an email to with WORKSHOP in the subjectline.  

Link for booking details: 

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