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Experience a session and feel the change in your life.


If the idea of being able to define your own goals, achieve your balance and to be able to assist others in the same, then consider being a Graced Practitioner. 


You will be able to help children, classmates, partners, business employees, clients, etc. to be the best they can be.


Through the removal of the blocks that keep the flow of the needed frequency, or what is called feeling, one can apply affirmations, discipline, and focus to live and bask in the world you crave. 


The basic training takes a few hours. The skill is for a lifetime. Just follow these steps to being a practitioner:


1. To become a Graced Practitioner, it is imperative that you are able to muscle test (Kinesiology).

2. Pay the membership fee. You will receive an agreement to review.

3. Submit the signed agreement.

4. Set up your account.

5. Access the video training that that you can stop and repeat as you see fit, as many times as you need. 

6. You will be invited to attend webinars to meet like-minded practitioners from around the world and be able to ask questions and volunteer for as well as observe treatment sessions.


Membership fee:


Please use the link only below. If you need to

use a credit card, please follow this link:

  • Receive teaching lessons on "How to Muscle Test" and "How to Improve Your Muscle Testing Skills"

  • Receive an award-winning meditation video creating peace and a calm state.


  • Receive notifications about new chapters on "Ancient Healing in the 21st Century" video documentaries I am creating in tandem with a book I am writing.


  • Receive updates, specials, and event notices

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