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Experience a session and feel the change in your life.



If the idea of being able to define your own goals, achieve your balance and to do the same, then consider becoming a Graced Practitioner. 


Through the removal of  blocks that stop the flow of needed frequency, or feeling, practitioners can apply affirmations, discipline, and focus to help themselves live and bask in the world with joy and success. As a skilled practitioner, you will also be able to help children, classmates, partners, business employees, clients, etc. to be the best that they can be.


The basic training takes a few hours. The skill lasts a lifetime. Just follow these steps to begin your journey as a Graced practitioner:


1. Learn to muscle test (Applied Kinesiology).This step in crucial to the process. (There is a training video for free on YouTube channel.)

2. Pay the membership fee. This gives you lifetime access. Once you pay the fee, an agreement will be sent for your review. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the agreement within a few days.

3. Review, sign, and submit the signed agreement.

4. Set up your account from the Home page of website.

5. Access the video training You can repeat the training video as many times as you see fit. It will be a lifetime access.

6. Practitioners will be informed of upcoming webinars and invited to  volunteer for and/or observe treatment sessions. These opportunities will allow you to meet like-minded GRACED members from around the world, helping to broaden your own perspective and practice.