graced with

goal-orientated issues

Interpreting from the application of Applied Kinesiology - a well-known method of identifying our frequency, or what some might call a feeling or emotion, is the vital link to achieving this dynamic life change.  

Together, we illuminate the blocks keeping you outside the flow of the ideal state that is you. Once these blocks are removed, you will be able to create a new normal. Graced acts like a nutrient made of energy that recalibrates your system to the proper frequency, allowing you to become one step closer to all that you desire.
Here are just some goals clients have worked on:

"I have complete faith and confidence in my ability to start this new business."

"I have health."

"I am able to work with a focused spirit-centered mind."

"My life is in a constant state of abundance with love, security, and generosity of spirit."

In addition, a powerful process will calibrate your base level on the Hawkins Chart of Consciousness and remove the blocks that are keeping you from raising a few points. It sounds minuscule, 'a few points' but if you are familiar with Dr. David Hawkins work, you will realise each point is actually logarithmic and multi-dimensional. The change is, therefore, quite noticeable.  Your higher self will only allow incremental change as you must adapt to the new perceptions gently.  There is a detailed explanation in the Hawkins Video found on the Video page here: