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meet diane


I felt I had let people I worked with in Body and Emotion Code down when after, say six or nine months, people turned back to what they knew before because it was comfortable; old patterns; dysfunctional relationships, jobs, or situations that created new, but not that different trapped imbalances. I felt such a failure.


This bothered me so much that I spent a year researching other ways of healing. I studied the healing philosophies of Native Americans, Tibetan monks, and Aboriginal and Peruvian Shamans. I soon realized they all had many things in common, a sort of the Jungian root of knowledge that has been lost in the Western world. 


I took that knowledge and spent another year devising a software program that combined the efficiency of 21st-century technology with the understanding of ancient cultures to create what I now call GRACED.  

Diane created all aspects of GRACED (  GRACED was designed to help define what individuals want as their state of being and then easily remove their blocks to that energy. It is based on the fundamental laws of healing found in ancient Peruvian, Native American, Aboriginal, and Tibetan monk teachings.

Diane combines the GRACED modality with the Quantum Healing tool and the process of Body and Emotion Code Healing. This multi-dimensional healing process has synergistically and exponentially changed the healing process to be faster, deeper, and more insightful. 

Clients from around the world report major changes. Diane has clients from Mexico, the United States, Canada, Belize, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Latvia, Russia, Singapore, Malaysia, Belgium, and many more.

Diane splits her time between the US and the UK, with travel to work on documentaries worldwide. 

Diane Pfister has spent over ten years helping clients overcome physical and emotional challenges. Her three degrees from London University to the United States have created a wealth of knowledge in science and fine arts. Her spiritual education in many ancient cultures has prepared her to find this unique niche where she designs and utilizes software programs to encourage the scanning and healing of thousands of people struggling with physical pain, emotional trauma, and spiritual quests. 

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I have a recently released book called GRACED  that explores a multitude of healing discoveries, what the ancient Sumerians and Native Americans have known for millennia - things that modern science are now able to validate. You can learn more about this book from this link:

Spiderbite, my first book, is based on the true story of my daughter's triumph over the deadly bite of a brown recluse. Travel with me into the Superstition Mountains of Arizona, where on an Apache reservation, I found healing for Rachel and an unexpected awakening for myself. 

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