GRACED is a beautiful, powerful way for those seeking balance, whether individuals open to achieving higher states of consciousness or professionals in varied fields, like doctors, acupuncturists, entrepreneurs, artists, athletes, and those challenging themselves to learn complex theories - We all can gain by opening the channels to connect to our purposeful, focused,and clearly manifested sphere of life; living as we are meant to be.

Learn how to free your heart and soul from what is preventing you from being  'completely there'.This process reveals the hidden unblocked        powerhouse that is inside you.


We will discuss what you want, need, and determine the GPS coordinates

of what that balance looks and feels like. We then identify the blocks,

whether a life experience, a heart maze, an ancestral inheritance,

a limiting belief, etc.  -- whatever is keeping you from having this state in  your 'now'. The process is fast, effective and miraculous. 

Graced is a healing modality that creates an engulfing environment of health and balance through the process of defining and removing the blocks to obtaining harmony, focus, and balance - All that is wanted and deserved. 


Graced treatments center on creating a whirlwind of balanced frequencies, drawn in, like a vortex of energy, creating a state of perfection in the heart first, followed by the mind and body.

Once we create a clearly defined goal statement, a sort of GPS coordinate of how you perceive the future you want, we go on a journey to identify and disintegrate, in the highest priority, block(s) to experiencing this level of emotion - this higher frequency -  as a new normal for life. 

The process is fast, simple, focused and direct.  Healing happens for most in a day, if not hours, with life-changing results. Please contact me in order to take the first step to know what life has the potential to be for you.

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EXPERIENCE: Film/photography/writing as an artform applied to teaching about energy healing, ancient healing, and science.


  • Some are poetic visuals, in two minutes, that expand on the mysteries of life.

  • Others are about treatment possibilities in-depth; background dimensions to know more about an affliction or imbalance. 

  • Still, others are recordings of sessions so you can see what it is like.

  • Coming soon will be interviews with leading healers, scientists, and researchers.


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