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For unbiased verbatim testimonials, please follow this link to LinkedIn, where at the bottom you will find reviews where clients have put their professional standing on the line.

The Change was Miraculous!


Since knocking on Diane’s door, my life changed positively. She not just helped me, but my entire family. I don’t even know where to start, but I will give it a go by sharing one of many positive changes so it can hopefully provide an idea of how Diane’s treatment has helped resolved the issue we were facing.

For over fourteen years, my parents have been trying to sell their business. We tried everything to sell it. Followed all the guidance by the experienced business brokers, tried selling it independently, reduced the cost etc. and tried getting help from our friends and family in selling the business, but without any success. 

Since Diane has been helping me before, I thought maybe this issue is energy related and not something we aren’t doing physically. She guided us to try few things thinking it is location related. It helped to get interested buyers so that was great. However, the interests were not turning into a potential buyer. 

We then looked at my parents, thinking maybe they are being the energetic blockers without realising. My parents were happy to receive treatment from Diane as they were willing to try anything to get the business sold. After getting my parents’ permission to receive Body Code/Emotion Code treatments from Diane, things started to change very quickly! We got a potential buyer just after a couple of sessions! The business was under contract to be sold once the all the negotiations and terms were complete. There was a short period where we had lease agreement delays. During this time, Diane suggested the new Belief Code treatment for parents. And that was it! Within days, the lease delays were resolved and in less than a month, we officially sold the business!

Yes, there are homework to be done such as prayers, but what a beautiful homework to do! 

We are more than just physical beings and this incident in our lives made my whole family realise that even though we followed all the processes by the book, asked the “experts” help etc, nothing worked. The energy treatments were the only thing that helped us to make the physical process work. 

I cannot recommend Diane’s treatments highly enough.

The above is one of many positive things that happened to me and to my family since receiving treatments from Diane. I will try and share each story as and when I can. 

Thank you, Diane. May God always bless you and give you strength and abundance to help people in need. Amen!


In the past couple of months working with Diane, I have seen an immediate impact in key areas of my life.


I started my journey with Diane out of general curiosity. However, the detail and insights that Diane provided about me were astounding. She exposed the imprints that I had unconsciously been carrying, and that was impacting my ability to progress in certain areas of my life. Generational imprints, life, incidences, and perceptions were all revealed. Sons seem so minuscule, so much so that I was not able to identify them with the clarity required to recognise their impact.


That's where Diane's expertise and the gift came into the force on the fortnightly basis. We have been on the hunt, looking for any blocks, imprints, and acquired understandings that have been prohibiting me from attaining the life that I desire. It's been like peeling away the layers of an onion. With each session, we go deeper and deeper, a treasure hunt of sorts. Following each session. I have seen immediate results And then expected conversation and offer a resolution on matters that I have been unsuccessfully trying to resolve by myself.


I now have clarity on what has been holding me back and confidence that this is no longer the case. The reasons and excuses for not achieving what I desire have been removed. I'm still a work in progress, but I am so much better prepared to receive. Diane has helped me to go deeper and much faster than I would have ever been able to do by myself.



"I am very grateful for the quality of our meeting today.

It was intense and I feel strongly how so much has been released in just one hour...

I could feel my thorax expanding, welcoming air and joy. I spent the next hour sleeping as a baby, and woke up smiling, absolutely confident about my complete healing process being triggered. 

Thanks a lot Diane for your ability to treat so precisely and quickly. This is an amazing help in any physical or emotional healing process.“

Nina V

"Diane is the real deal. . . full of heart and spot on with her insights and solutions."

Patricia E.

My first session with Diane was a gift, and the trusted friend who gifted didn’t tell me anything about the modality, she only told me to hydrate and to be prepared to sleep afterward. I’m no stranger to spiritual work and heave a bit of skepticism about remote spiritual work, and was so happy that Diane provided me with a really comprehensive session report. I needed to take a long nap after our first session—I was literally exhausted after Diane did her work on me from across the ocean, but learning more about this modality, one that unlocks hurt and trauma from my body had transformed my life. Diane will mention an age as she scans my body, and immediately I’ll know exactly what happened at 6 or 22 or 31 that made me feel emotions. I’ve learned that emotions I may have dismissed or not noticed at all, resurface as clear and painful memories. With the risk of sounding lazy, I also deeply appreciate how passive I’m able to be as Diane does her work. She is a true Godsend.

Dream H 


“I want to share the best thing that has ever happened to me.  Two weeks ago,  I started working with this incredible practitioner. Diane did an extensive body scan, and after that, I shared with her I was a smoker. I have smoked on and off over the years and have had periods of not smoking from being hypnotized. However, even with being hypnotized, I have always wanted to smoke.  If someone else has a cigarette, It would trigger my yearning to where I could not be near a smoker. Anyway, she went through my body scan and connected it to an emotion that was released, and that I  also had an obscure mineral deficiency. She advised me to take this mineral three times a day for three weeks. In seven days, I saw improvement This is the most unbelievable powerful experience I have ever had. I am now at eight days, and at six days, I did not even want a cigarette. I laughed with Diane that even the enjoyment has gone.I don’t even want one. I used to like it. I would drive my car, smoking with the windows down. I have also been going through a lot of stress and grief of losing one of my parents only five weeks ago. This is remarkable, profound, deep, deep work. All of this was connected to an emotion in my body and a mineral deficiency. I cannot support the work she does enough, and the work is incredible. Thank you, Diane.”

Tara S


I really appreciated the support and sessions from Diane while managing my tumor, as well as some other health issues. We managed to get through so much in each session and it really helped to have gone through the treatment.  My latest scan shows the tumor having shrunk by 30% so needless to say I am thrilled. 

Rebecca T

 “I felt locked in a cage emotionally for so much of my life because of my heart walls.   Diane’s professional and compassionate therapy has begun to release me from my past traumas.  Her intuitive and thorough approach to my sessions is stripping the many heart walls from me like peeling an onion.  I feel more ready and open to express my feelings now.  I would certainly recommend Diane to others. “

Richard S.    

“I have been in agony for a week. Now, after one treatment,  there is no pain, previously there was a burning sensation, just like it was on fire.  That has completely stopped!.”

Martha E.


"I have struggled with my weight for almost all my life and although I've had lots of success whilst on various diets, after a year or 2 of the normal stresses of life, I have put the weight back on and then some. I've had enough of this yo-yoing and want to  lose the weight for good and keep it off in a natural way just like a slim person does in a natural way.”

Sienna G.


“Diane was recommended to me and when I met her via Skype, I just felt an easy connection with her.  During the treatment work, a lot of stuff came up, which was very interesting and also made a lot of sense.”

Carol T.


“Since the sessions, I have felt more relaxed with a sense of 'lift'. I am far less consumed about thinking about losing weight all the time but have found that I am losing weight none the less. All of my emotional eating has gone away and I've found that I've stopped snacking between meals and I finally don't feel like I am missing out with the food choices I am making. In fact, I am eating more 'treat' foods than when I'm on a traditional diet and don't feel guilty about it, and still losing the weight!”

Sarah B.


“I am a generally fit and active person anyway (I love football and zumba and do 5 sessions a week of those) and with this weight loss that is happening without me thinking about it, my fitness is improving tremendously, enabling me to enjoy my sports even more!

I am so happy! Thank you Diane!”

Sam S. 


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our session the other day. It was really beautiful. I experienced such deep sleep and some heavy exhaustion in a couple of days following, and then such a lightness and fluidity in my energy and how it moves through my body after that. I hope to book again with you soon, both for myself and my dog!.”

Blade F.

“I am starting a new university in a month and decided I would make strong efforts to create a circle of girlfriends. My arm started to relax and within an hour the pain had completely gone.”

Carol R. 


“Everything is so wonderful. I am thinking clearer and approaching and handling life with calmness and acceptance, rather than being overwhelmed easily in the past. In just three sessions my life has become much more manageable. I am booking additional sessions because healing is a priority to me, and my healing is benefiting all of those around me. I am finally able to keep structure daily and I am finally a reliable person. In the past, anxiety and being overwhelmed led me to cancel appointments and not come through with activities with my kids. But this has completely changed now! If my life has changed this much in three short sessions, then I am so excited now to look forward to what enormous changes can take place with more sessions!!!  Thank you so much Diane for helping me! “

D. P.


“Aloha Diane! 

It worked!! We are pregnant! 

The joys of pregnancy! And we believe this energy healing has healed us in order to conceive!z’ 

C. & W. H

“I feel more connected and balanced within myself as a result of working with Diane. Anyone looking for an emotional facilitator look no further I highly recommend Diane”

Jasmine G.

“My cat was having problems using the litter box. After years of no issues, I was faced with urine on everything. Diane did one treatment and not only cured my cat of the issue, but my cat seemed more relaxed, trusting, and able to be part of the family again. Diane told me that a workman had visited the home and had hurt my cat, either consciously or accidentally. I confirmed that yes, I had had a cleaning group come in after a party. I don’t understand it, but I believe in this. “

Jay M.

“I've experienced more clarity and ease this week, which was great.  I also referred someone. . .” 

B. H.


“Your site is amazing!  I can fly through it pretty quickly not feeling exhausted after huge releases. But just one session on your app was so exhausting because I released so much. Much deeper work that’s for sure❤️ Thanks, Diane!”

Denny P.


“I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for our session the other day. It was really beautiful. I experienced such deep sleep and some heavy exhaustion in a couple of days following, and then such a lightness and fluidity in my energy and how it moved through my body after that. I hope to book again with you soon, both for myself and my dog! “


“Thank you for the magical work you do! “



“I feel lighter and with a sense of happiness. Thank you!” 


“Thank you for last night. As you said, my migraine would lift in 3 hours and it did!”



“I came to see Diane with a sore left arm. I had been moving into an apartment to live with my boyfriend and thought I pulled something. We realized my pain was about having no independent female friendships at the moment. I had put all my energy into making a life with my boyfriend and my higher self knew I was keeping myself from being a fully developed well-rounded individual.”

Tim K.


"What I found very interesting in the wrinkle session is that it is very quick to reach directly unbalances or blocks that I had no idea had been so inscribed in my cells and skin. I don't know how I could have found a path to discover them. Somehow working on the wrinkles was like a shortcut (or doorway) to reveal secret clues in order to solve problems I didn't know were there, and for so many years. So the wrinkle treatments will help dissolve the wrinkles but, more importantly may be, are helping balance health issues that have not yet manifested as a disease. Thanks a lot Diane for integrating ancient Chinese wisdom with releasing trapped emotions." 

Nina R.


“I want to thank you for the session we have done, I feel much better and I see that this method, which accesses our unconscious works very well and immediately. I also have participated in a presentation guided by Bradley Nelson. I am interested in continuing to study this method and I will look for possibilities.Your efficiency and presence have given me a lot of help and inner and creative strength. I'm very thankful for your wonderful energy, accuracy and attention. Thank you, very much and cosmic gratitude.Warm wishes.”

Mary H.


“I'm doing well, thank you. I've experienced more clarity and ease this week, which was great.  I also referred someone, to you. She's a good friend and I think could benefit from your support.”

Beth H.

“I have to tell you how amazed I am with my progress! I can't believe this works. I've been walking around my house feeling in awe because I am not stiff or in pain anymore. This is so crazy! I'm almost not sure I'm dreaming. I have not felt like this in so long I find it hard to grasp. I can start to live again. This is exciting. I can only imagine how I'm going feel after I'm completely cleared! I told my sister about you and some other family members. I'm sure people are a bit skeptical but as I improve, and start doing more things I know that everyone will want to know my secret. It's been years of living in a prison. Now that I have the key...I just don't even know where to start! Thank you so much!”  

Erica R.


“I am feeling lighter and happier overall.”

Gene B.



“I can’t believe I can write again! My arthritis is gone!”

Carry S.


Clarity of Mind Treated With Graced

“I've experienced more clarity and ease this week, which was great.  I also referred someone. . .”

 Berry  H.

“When Diane suggested that we work on wrinkles, I was taken aback.  I have so many issues, I didn’t know if working on a wrinkle would really make much of a difference. Surprisingly, these small wrinkles on my face were linked to very deep rooted sadness and regret stored in my body. I was able to release from my face, from my emotions, and from my body, specifically my chest, ribs, and lungs. My face is now much more relaxed;  the wrinkle is less noticeable. My chest feels lighter, and I was able to let go of those painful emotions. Thanks Diane!”

Dee P.


“Not only did the treatment give me a feeling of lightness, but the floral essence created a sense of calm that got me through the holidays, usually an extremely stressful experience. I am amazed by the affect they had on me within the first two days. “  

Rita A.



“Thanks so much, I’m super excited 🤗!!!  Oh, I want to let you know that since you reminded me about my thyroid and hormones, I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted and most of my deep depression just seemed to go away once I had an answer and solutions.   Thanks for all you 😘!!!!”




“After both the intro session and the regular session, I noticed that I was pretty drained for the next 3-5 days. I was experiencing a sense of peace/calm as well.  I’ve had less anger and/or reactivity, especially towards my wife.  My anxiety/worry has been much better.  As of late, I’ve noticed some occasional anxiety...  maybe it’s something else... (my hands/feet Would get extremely cold —- sometimes clammy too)..”  

Teresa H.

Oh my, thank you so much, it was being like an abscess waiting to burst, the pain was hard to take, thankfully that is now much less. it was about 10 past the hour when I felt it start to lift......bless you  

Lorraine C.

"Graced has catapulted me into healing!  I have used many modalities, very costly, and experienced a very slow healing rate. Graced uses positive affirmations and heals my body in all ways necessary so that I can live to my highest self. FINALLY, HEALING HAS COME TO FRUITION IN MY LIFE!  My life has transformed so quickly!  I recommend only one main healing modality, and that would be Graced. All other modalities would be only complementary." 

Dee P.

"Diane has a real, unique, innovative, and gentle approach to healing. This is such a huge blessing to offer our world as we rapidly evolve and heal on a collective level. Thanks for sharing your gift and bringing much laughter. Bless you! "

Caitlin L.

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