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Now, while having the amazing BC/EC and Graced treatments, I can connect you to a quantum frequency scanner and balance underlying energy in your body, mind, and energy field.  It takes only a few minutes to set up and it will run concurrently with our normal work. This system works by scanning the functioning of YOU via your energetic resonance and determines what the ideal healthy blueprint of your cell construction should be. Then it works like a tuning fork to resonate those frequencies to their ideal state. 


Once your field has been scanned, it will tell us out of over 180 possible bundles of frequencies, which you would most benefit from. Below is an abbreviated list.


Please don’t be limited by these suggested applications. I am constantly creating more programs of treatments, specific to my clients’ needs and what is happening in the world. Book now to get to the state of cleansing and balance that will allow you to be your greatest and highest self. This video from the Healy Analyzer shows the microscopic before and after effect on clotting blood after a one-hour treatment with the Healy program: Immune System.

If at some point you are interested in working with your own Healy Device, contact me. (Full disclosure, I am an affiliate and get a small stipend. Most importantly, whom you buy from becomes your go-to for learning. Choose this person carefully.)


Pure treatment - The Pure program is the ideal starting point for treatments.  It contributes to the balance of the organism’s (human, animal, or plant) energy field to recover from the effects of environmental pollutants, toxins, an unhealthy diet, and other negative factors. Pure treatment clears the pathways for inner clarity.

Care treatment  - This treatment strengthens your energy field so that you are more aligned to establish health through appropriate exercise, healthy nutrition, and pure water. A weakened bioenergetic field contributes to many acute and chronic diseases. By establishing an alignment to positive patterns of healthy behavior, Care treatment can create that discipline.

Balance treatment - The fine balance of the various bodily functions is very important for our well-being and health. Balance treatment refers to contributing to the bioenergetic health in the kidneys, circulation system, lymphatic system, and hormones, amongst others. Balanced systems lead to a deep bioenergetic balancing of the body‘s energy field.

Being treatment - Soul communication. Being contributes to establishing emotional balance from the inside, regardless of what is going on around you.

Energy treatment - Performance needs support. No matter whether you are a well-trained competitive athlete, a stressed-out manager or an overwhelmed mother, an Energy treatment should help you to bio energetically deal with what is keeping you out of balance.

Relax treatment - Relax means achieving being without stress. Stress is often the cause of hyperacidity and imbalances in the body. The imbalances caused by chronic stress are attributed to the development of many diseases. An overwhelmed life with little time for reflection keeps many of us from letting go of our daily challenges and stress. Relax treatment takes each element of imbalance back to a level of resonance that is healthy, calm, and focused. 

Release treatment - There are many different causes of pain. For example, pain can be a symptom of hyperacidity of tissue inflamed from chemicals, food, stress, anxiety, etc. Regardless of the cause, this treatment rebalances on a physical level, like pHs, and an emotional level, like stress, anxiety, and a sense of worthlessness. Just as arthritis and much back and neck pain are attributed to emotional inflammation, financial worries, or stress, the  Release treatment contributes to the removal of what is causing these signals.



After you have achieved a Pure treatment scan showing you are in the normal range and able to expel the blocks and imbalances causing issues, you can choose from these options for a focus for further treatments. 


I can scan you for all 128+ programs and the highest needs (usually about 5) will show up. Those five will be treated during your session.


If you prefer to choose a section to focus on (in bold), I can do a scan and find the top issues and you will then be treated during our session for the top priorities of that section.


If you do not see what you want, let me know and I can design a specific program for you. For example, I have incorporated treatments  based on:

a. Grabovoi numbers: a numerical coding system to bring abundance, wealth, love, relationship, etc. You can find examples of Grabovoi recorded treatments on Spotify. 

b. The Solfeggio Frequencies used for healing

c.  Rife frequencies used for cancer treatment

d.  MMS (Chlorine Dioxide and Activator used in the treatment of Covid)

e.  Covid, Testing, and Vaccine imbalances: involves the energetic frequencies of supplements researched from the top medical studies presently used by Dr. Zelenko and others

f.  Extensive weight treatment: nutrient needs, skin elasticity, Meridian 1 (fatty degeneration), psyche balance, vital substance (micronutrient needs), homeopathic needs, deep cleanse (includes digestive issues), fitness issues


PAIN / PSYCHE. (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Chronic Pain - Treatment of chronic pain via the CNS (central nervous system)

• Chronic Back pain - Local treatment of chronic back pain

• Tooth-Jaw local - Local supportive treatment of pain in the mouth area

• Joints local - Local treatment of joint pain

• Migraine - Cranial (head side) treatment of migraine

• Insomnia - Supportive treatment of insomnia via the CNS

• Depression - Supportive treatment of insomnia via the CNS

• Anxiety - Supportive treatment of depression via the CNS

LEARNING  (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Learning system. - Bioenergetic activation of the central nervous system

• Learning acute - Supports learning through cranial stimulation

• Memory - Energetic stimulation of the brain metabolism

• Concentration system. - Bioenergetic optimization of the oxygen supply

• Concentration acute - Supports concentration via cranial stimulation

• Exam system. - Support before exams through cranial stimulation

• Exam acute - Energetic balancing of anxiety before tests

• Stress system. - Mental balancing and bioenergetic stimulation of creative power

• Stress acute - Supports mood improvement via cranial stimulation

FITNESS  (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Weight- Bioenergetic stimulation of the emunctories (excretion organs and systems)

• Muscle - Bioenergetic optimization of cell regeneration

• Circulation - Bioenergetic support of the metabolic supply

• Performance - Energetic activation of life energy

• Strength - Bioenergetic activation of the musculoskeletal system

• Stamina - Bioenergetic optimization of the cardiovascular system

• Regeneration - Bioenergetic stimulation of vitality

• Deep relaxation - Bioenergetic optimization of the relaxation phase

SLEEP (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Sleep system. - Bioenergetic optimized changing into delta state (deep sleep)

• Bed rest - Bioenergetic promotion of parasympathetic functions (recovery, relaxation)

• Balanced Sleep - Bioenergetic balancing of the deep sleep phase

• Fine flow - Bioenergetic activation through ionic movement in the body


JOB (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Activation - Bioenergetic stimulation of mental clarity

• Positive thoughts - Energetic orientation towards positive thoughts

• Balance Nerves - Bioenergetic promotion of the beta state

• Fatigue - Energetic reduction of strains

• Exhaustion system. - Bioenergetic balancing of the adrenal hormones

• Exhaustion acute - Supports stress resistance via cranial stimulation

• Extreme Stress - Bioenergetic support of mental and physical balance


MENTAL BALANCE (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Inner Strength system. - Energetic promotion of self-confidence in case of anxiety

• Emotional Well-being - Energetic balancing of emotional blockages

• Feel good system. - Energetic activation of confidence in cases of dejection

• Contentment system. - Energetic balancing of the inner centering in addictive and compensatory behavior

• Contentment acute - Supports inner balance via cranial stimulation in cases of nicotine addiction

• Inner Unity - Energetic reorganization of the psychic wholeness

• Well-being Soul - Energetic balancing of compulsive behavior

• Mental balance acute - Supports mental balance via cranial stimulation

BEAUTY (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Inner Beauty - Supporting the coherence and emanation of the energetic field

• Aging - Bioenergetic support of the cell organelles (i.e. the “organs” within the cell)

• Hair - Bioenergetic stimulation of the follicles

• Skin - Bioenergetic fostering of the epidermis

• Nails - Bioenergetic stimulation of the nail bed

• Skin elasticity - Bioenergetic promotion of the lymphatic system


SKIN (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Support Wounds system. - Supports the cells through local stimulation

• Support Wounds local - Bioenergetic stimulation of the cell metabolism

• Acne system. - Bioenergetic promotion of toxin transport

• Scars system. - Balancing energetic interference fields in scars

• Scars local - Local stimulation of scar tissue


BIOENERGETIC BALANCE 1 (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Immune system - Activation of the body’s bioenergetic defense system

• Cold - Bioenergetic calming of the mucous membranes

• Allergies - Bioenergetic balancing of allergic reactions

• Eyes - Energetic balancing of the retina

• Hormones - Bioenergetic Balancing the release of hormones

• Intestine - Bioenergetic stimulation of the intestinal peristalsis

• Nerves - Bioenergetic regulation of the nervous system

• Flexibility - Bioenergetic mobilization of the joints

• Circulatory System - Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s energy supply

• Potency - Bioenergetic stimulation of the reproductive organs

• Menopause - Bioenergetic regulation of hormonal balance

• Menstruation local - Local relaxation of the lower abdomen


BIOENERGETIC BALANCE 2 (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Gastrointestinal - Energetic balancing of the gastrointestinal tract

• Bacteria - Balancing of the bioenergetic defense system

• Tonsils - Energetically balancing the immune system in cases of infections

• Liver function - Bioenergetic promotion of liver metabolism

• Intolerances - Bioenergetic fostering of food tolerance

• Toxins - Bioenergetic stimulation of the body’s excretory processes

• Head - Bioenergetic reduction of tensions Prostate Energetic support of the prostate gland

• Lung function - Bioenergetic optimization of the lung function

• Thyroid gland - Bioenergetic regulation of the thyroid function

• Joints-Bones - Bioenergetic stimulating the excretion of metabolites

• Sciatica local - Local stimulation of the sciatic


MERIDIAN 1 (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Allergy Meridian - Energetic desensitization of the energy flow

• Connective Tissue - Energy regulation of the connective tissue

• Bladder - Regulation of bladder energy control

• Large intestine - Harmonizing the energy field of the large intestine

• Small intestine - Harmonizing the energy control of the small intestine

• Fatty degeneration - Energetic regulation of cell uptake

• Gallbladder - Energetic regulation of the digestion of fat

• Joints - Energetic balancing of flexibility

• Skin - Energetic promotion of the energy pathways of the skin

• Heart - Energetic stimulation of the heart energy



MERIDIAN 2 (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Hormonal - balance Energetic hormone balancing

• Circulation - Energetic regulation of blood circulation

• Liver - Energetic metabolism regulation

• Lungs - Energetic balancing of the respiratory system

• Lymphatic system - Energetic regulation of the lymphatic system

• Stomach - Energetic harmonization of the gastric function

• Spleen-pancreas - Stimulation of the energy field of the spleen and pancreas

• Nerve Meridian - Energetic harmonization of the nerve function

• Kidney - Energy control of the fluid balance

• Organ Meridian - Harmonizing the energy flow of the organs



CHAKRA (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• Crown chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the crown chakra and connection to the higher Self

• Third eye chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the third eye chakra and strengthening of intuition

• Throat chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the throat chakra and promotion of constructive communication

• Heart chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the heart chakra and stimulation of balanced empathy

• Solar plexus chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the solar plexus chakra and strengthening of self-confidence

• Sacral chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the sacral chakra and stimulation of creativity

• Root chakra - Energetic harmonization of the topics of the root chakra and activation of basic trust


PROTECTION PROGRAMS (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

• General protection - Energetic shielding

• Electro-sensitivity - Energetic balancing of the tolerance for so-called “electro-smog“

• Cell - Bioenergetic strengthening of the cell

• Mental - Energetic promotion of clear perceptual capacity

• Sleeping - Energetic protection during sleep

• Geopathy - Energetic reduction of sensitivity to interference fields

• Subtle - Energetic protection against external influence

• Planets - Harmonizing the influences of planets


DEEP CYCLE (all issues in this section are scanned and included in treatment if imbalanced)

We start with a cleanse application that covers:

Removing toxins

Stimulating excretion organs

Energetic cleansing of the biofield

Energetic cleansing of the emotional field

Energetic balance of the communication fields of all the above-focused treatments. 


Note: Not to be used wired to electrodes if you have electrical implants (i.e. pacemaker) or if you think you might be pregnant.



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