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Learn About This Muscle Testing Course

Learn About This Muscle Testing Course

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Quartz Crystal Healing From The Words Of Marcel Vogel

Quartz crystals are living beings that can accept an unlimited number of programs for healing, intention, and affirmations.


Marcel Vogel, an IBM scientist who invented the quartz watch, along with about 300 other patents, studied the structure and application of the Vogal Crystal (a patented geometrically controlled design) to amplify the intrinsic energy of the crystal.


In this course, you will learn the basics of programming your crystal and receive an extensive book that has collated over forty hours of Marcel Vogel's lectures into an easy-to-follow index of information.  

NOTE: Once you sign up, you will receive this extensive book as a PDF.

You are also invited to attend a monthly webinar where you can ask questions and meet other like-minded people.

NOTE: This membership lasts one year.

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