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For those wanting to increase their skill and focus in whatever discipline they choose, GRACED treatments can remove blocks creating "FLOW" to increased levels of awareness and abilities.

Hawkins Consciousness Chart is applicable to GRACED treatments.   Discover your base level on the chart and work to raise that via GRACED treatments.

Observe a GRACED treatment applied to the Hawkins Chart of Consciousness.

Explaining Graced Part 1

Explaining Graced Part 2

Twenty minutes to introduce how ancient healing methods are being brought to the twenty-first century; first in a series. This has been launched in a book on Amazon called "Graced" by Diane Pfister

Explore in-depth podcast interview with Grethe Fremo-Bjørn

about the Book, GRACED.

Two minutes to encapsulate life on Earth and after.

Learn how to muscle test and be in charge of your own

GRACED treatments

for yourself, family and friends, or as a business!