The Word, the Breath, The Sense of Graced

I believe Graced is a passionate movement of Practitioners dedicated to activating the heart intelligence, transforming the flow of energy to access intentions ,affirmations, and strategies to create attainment.

            I believe we can embrace fear, transform doubt, succeed when you are  expected to fail, and soar to great heights. . .                                                                


I believe we can create a world where we can be taught to understand pain and

its purpose, where we have the ability to learn its message, and, then remove its impact by applying our God-given ability to self-heal.


Imagine healers sharing and working with a medical doctor, each discussing the merits of a cohesive treatment plan that comprehends the roots of the illness, co-creates the plan for balance, while implementing respect for what each brings to the table in order to heal the patient. 

Graced  energy healing treatments center on creating a  whirlwind of balanced frequencies, drawn in, like a vortex of energy, creating a state ofperfection in the heart first, followed by the mind and body.

Diane Pfister

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