The Word, the Breath, The Sense of Graced

Graced is a passionate movement of Practitioners dedicated to activating the heart intelligence, transforming the flow of energy to access intentions, affirmations, and strategies to create attainment.

Embrace fear, transform doubt, succeed when you are expected to fail, and soar to great heights. . .                Graced gets you there.                                             


Graced  energy healing treatments center on

creating a  whirlwind of balanced frequencies,

drawn in, like a vortex of energy, creating a state of

perfection in the heart first, followed by the mind and body.

Imagine a world where we are taught to understand pain and its purpose, where we have the ability to learn its message, and, then remove its impact by applying our God-given ability to self-heal. Imagine healers sharing and working with a medical doctor, each discussing the merits of a cohesive treatment plan that comprehends the roots of the illness, co-creates the plan for balance, while implementing respect for what each brings to the table in order to heal the patient. 

I have created this introduction into how I created Graced as a healing modality. It is just the beginning. If you want to be informed of future chapters,  and provide support for me to expand this work,  hit SUBSCRIBE and LIKE. You may also contact me below: